Ball Handling & Defense – Week 6

Quote of the Week:
– Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

Skill Development Videos:

Skill Development (Ball Handling)

  • Build Quickness
    • Around head
    • Around waist
    • Around both legs
    • Around one leg
    • Straddle flip
    • Figure “8”
    • Figure “8” behind back
  • Speed dribbles
    • Super high dribble
    • Waist high dribble
    • Knee high dribble

Skill Development (Defense)

  • Inside rebounding
    • Front pivot (versus shooter)
      • Front pivot, box, rebound outlet pass
      • Both sides

Skill Development (Inside Play)

  • Back to basket on block
    • Ball fake, front pivot, bank shot
    • Ball fake, front pivot, up & under, bank shot


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