Camp Logistics – Ball Handling & Defense

Youth Hoops online basketball camp, emphasizing Ball Handling & Defense. Your kid will be able to work-out at home, and receive the same benefits as if they were at one of our in-person, live basketball classes.

Each week, you'll receive the following:

1. Weekly online review and group coaching calls
Discuss warm-up and skill development drills. Also, ask questions about weekly assignments.
– Thursdays, from 7pm – 8pm EST
– Access URL:

2. Weekly “life & inspirational” video
Quick life and inspirational video delivered by Coach Berry.

3. Weekly skill development video
Warm-up and skill development drills to be performed by kid at least 3-times per week.

4. Weekly homework assignments
Documentation of warm-up and skill development drills.

BONUS: Online Shooting Camp
BONUS: eBook – Life & Basketball: Life Lessons & Basketball Tips

If you have any questions, post them on the community board or hit me directly at

Coach Berry

P.S. For week #1 of the Ball Handling & Defense camp, click here.